Soft Skills




This is a personal project, created by a mom to help other moms to:

Be Aware

of all the Soft Skills you have learned since you became a mom.  

Your Resume

Reflect for a moment. Remember your whole journey from pregnancy until now. What have you learned?
Read the soft skills list and see which of them connect with your experience.

You can add this to:
- your Speech

- your Resume
- your Linkedin
- your Portfolio

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Be Proud

of this moment of your life.
Believe in yourself!
The Soft Skills you learned
can be useful in your career.

References and Articles

While working on this project, I felt inspired by some articles, advertising campaigns, and research.

I hope you feel inspired too!

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Hey! I'm a dad and I was the one who stopped working!


Sorry, I didn't forget you. I saw a few dad's doing this. I feel REALLY proud of you! Right now this project is about women (cis or trans!) However, I wish someday I can inspire a dad to do a project just like mine. If you are a dad and want to start something and want some advice, send me an email